Web development

We work together with you to develop web solution that fits your business and customers.

At WD5 we focus on the content and the message you want to communicate. We can use technology and communication strategies that add value and stand out from the competition.
Our projects are designed and programmed following web standards, using best practices to ensure the quality of our service. The skills and experience of our team allows us to offer:

  • Easy to navigate: Optimized sites for all browsers, oriented for navigation and customer use.
  • Sites tailored to your business: landing page, e-commerce, blogs, personal sites, self-administered sites.
  • Responsive Design Websites: so that our websites are adapted to the size of new devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  • Optimized website content: best practices SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that will enable easy indexing in Google are used.
  • Digital marketing: Social media marketing, search engine marketing and email campaigns.
  • eCommerce:
    • Online Stores
    • Online Receips Systems
    • Online mini-stores
    • Logistics

All websites we develop have the Google analysis tools, Google Analytics.
Google Analytics is a vital marketing campaigns digital tools. In WD5 we offer work together to create solutions that fit their needs, market requirements and desired media.

Google Analytics it is a web analytics tool provided by Google. Google Analytics provides aggregated information of traffic each website receives depending on the audience, acquisition, behavior and conversions carried out on the website.

Web Maintenance

Web maintenance service is designed as a comprehensive solution for our customers. The aim is that WD5 be responsible for all matters relating to the maintenance of the website so that our client will not have to worry and focus on what matters, their own business.
The service includes, among other things:

  • Updating and maintaining the website
  • Support on the developed infrastructure
  • Emails account management
  • DNS Management
  • Domain Renewal
  • Monthly reports of Google Analytics
  • Information backups

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