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EnjoyCSS is an advanced CSS3 generator that allows you to get rid of routine coding.
Its handy and easy-to-use UI allows you to adjust rich graphical styles quickly and without coding.


The main features:

2D and 3D transforms
multiple complex transitions
multiple linear and radial gradients
multiple box and text shadows
custom fonts (including google fonts)
and much more

You’ll be able to play with all EnjoyCSS parameters just like in photoshop or illustarator (with sliders, colorpickers and etc) combining all possible CSS3 style capabilities for the same element. Moreover you can include pseudo states (:hover, :active, :focus, :after, :before) and style them as well.

All required CSS code will be automatically generated by EnjoyCSS.

You can easily copy-pase all the code into your environment or get the code for each style aspect separately, e.g., code for each gradient, shadow or transform.

EnjoyCSS has its own gallery of ready CSS solutions that can be used for your experiments with styles. This gallery includes buttons, text fields, shapes, gradient patterns that were made fully with CSS3.


Fuente: http://enjoycss.com/gallery/text_effects